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Bobby Hoyt Yoga 

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Classes this week...

Finally!! Some regular classes on the Big Island!

Yoga Centered, Hilo (

Monday 12:00-1:05pm and 4:00-5:15pm

Waimea Yoga (

Wednesday 8:15-9:45am and Friday 5:30-7:00pm


Listen to your breath to quiet the monkey mind while strengthening your body and soul

When you come to my class you will have the opportunity to truly shut off the outside world (and the inside monkey brain). You are invited to move and find stillness; simply with the sound of your breath and without any kind of judgement. Incorporating multiple styles of yoga, the class is a balance of breath and movement.  The sequencing is based on the movement of the 14 major joints in the body and just as importantly, on who is in the room rather than a prepared script. The classes can be challenging or you can lie on your back the whole time...this practice is for you and no one else. My classes will offer you unique asanas, a melding of tasty music, and light-hearted humor which adds to a unique practice soaked in many traditions.

Most studio classes use a single mat, however there are also 2 hour cross-mat practices every few weeks. The cross-mat technique is based on Andrey Lappa's Universal Yoga sequencing incorporating a mandala-style 360 degree practice.

Yoga saved my life. It's a long story, but trust me. Knowing this, I do my best to offer donation-based classes the vast majority of time. My feeling is that if someone wants to practice yoga everyday in a class, it shouldn't cost more than one's mortgage. Donations range from $10 and up but fortunately people also bring other things beside money. To me, it's an exchange of energy, so when someone brings me a dozen fresh eggs, or lettuces from their garden, the balance is there.

Privates are available, please contact me directly about setting it up for you, a group of friends or even a wedding party.